Sports Psychology

Think about it didn’t all the greats of the world start out with some type of vision? There are other senses we use too if you aren’t quite the visualizer. I get to know your primary modalities and your natural dialogue to make it as organic as possible. It’s not the hocus-pocus that you think although at times it can be quite magical or miraculous and I have even had a golf pro comment it saved his life. If you feel like you have tried everything else; I encourage you to have the courage to give me a call to do a free consultation to outline your goal and see if it may be a good fit for you and to get an idea of how many sessions you and I agree to, sometimes all it takes is one and sometimes the benefits can be amplified by doing several. It’s important to not I am not doing mental health therapy even though I am a licensed marriage and family therapist. I currently hold my license in marriage and family therapy in California, Alabama, and Texas and taking clients only through and for this, so please don’t call me for mental health therapy as I am not taking clients for that here. I love hypnotherapy and sport psychology so much that I like to take a small amount of these clients as it’s my true passion. Keep in mind if you do need a mental health therapist and you started out with hypnotherapy with me; I will refer you to a mental health therapist as the original intention with me was hypnosis and or sport psychology. To get to your primary intention as clear as possible I would stick to that of a role of hypnotherapist and sport psychology consultant.

Cost Information

Sports Therapy Pricing: $300/hr, $275/45min, $250/30 min

Sports therapy intake evaluation with Nicole is $300.

After the initial evaluation if 45-minute sessions are recommended that would be $275 and if 30-minute sessions would be $250.