Hypnosis is a funny term. When people hear it, they have numerous reactions. Sometimes they think of a person “hypnotized” on a stage at a show clucking and making pecking gestures. That is not the type of hypnosis I am talking about. Other terms include hypnotherapy, NLP, creative visualization, sometimes even a form of meditation or prayer. There are many different styles and forms to which I work in your preference as I tailor the experience to you. The Mayo-Clinic describes it “as a trance-like state in which you have a heightened sense of focus and concentration”. Can you imagine being able to experience this in the comfort of your own home and then be able to practice that on your own for yourself? With so many distractions and things trying to compete for your attention don’t you think that this skill may be crucial in the midst of a global crisis? Are you able to find internal peace? To put your fears at ease we can discuss your concerns and also more detail of your issues in the first few sessions. Before and during hypnosis, I encourage you to take complete control of the experience with my guidance- so there goes the clucking and pecking gestures unless of course that’s your goal? Just-kidding. I have been using hypnosis in my practice for 28 years and not one of my clients regrets it. They have said it was helpful, enjoyable, relaxing and quite useful in overcoming obstacles and reaching their goals-such as better scores in golf, less pain, help through side effects of cancer treatment, anxiety and much more.

Cost Information

Sports Therapy Pricing: $300/hr, $275/45min, $250/30 min

Sports therapy intake evaluation with Nicole is $300.

After the initial evaluation if 45-minute sessions are recommended that would be $275 and if 30-minute sessions would be $250.