About Me

About Nicole Chess

I am a California native and have lived in the most beautiful of cities, enjoying the most beautiful weather while working and playing at the best golf courses in the state. I am an Alabama Country girl now who always dreamed of having a farm and being surrounded by greenery. I love watching things grow including my garden and tending to and developing my personal and professional relationships. I am a single parent of two amazing children- an 11-year old girl who loves softball and a 4-year old boy who loves to climb. I relish any and all of my time on this precious earth and really love seeing others succeed; especially YOU! Feel free to call me for a consultation to determine your needs and levels of severity so we can work on a collaborative time frame to make your dreams come true. Feel free to ask any and all questions and if I feel you may need more therapeutic support I will refer you to another one of our wonderful and caring therapists so that we may focus in the area of sports you came to succeed in.


Alabama: L566

Texas: 204086

California: 923458