Nicole Irene Chess

My Approach

My approach is totally tailored to you. It is as unique as you are. You are yourself and there is only one like you- YOU! It is non-judgemental in nature and I will meet you where you are and will go at a pace that is comfortable for you. Therefore, I take the time to truly understand you, your thought processes, your personality, and unique life experiences. I am interested in honoring your past and how it affects your present. Clearing out the “clutter” you may have gathered will help you reach a clean slate. Then the potential for a new level of creating, clarity and consciousness can be added to your future. I am interested in the modalities you learn best in so I can collaborate with you to help you invent and describe new ways of thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing and knowing in your sport to create your optimal performance strategy and flow.

My Ideal Clients

My ideal clients are anyone who wants to perform or be better in just about anything. I don’t work with one category of people because I am embrace people in all walks of life as it is my passion to meet new people. I like clients that are independently motivated with a desire to exceed their expectations and a willingness to take responsibility. I want clients that feel “stuck” at their present level and have tried many ways to get “unstuck” with no avail as I truly appreciate the challenge. I use a variety of empirically based approaches that I have been working on for the past 28 years both in mental health therapy, hypnotherapy, and sport psychology.